• A stylish row of restroom mirrors catches the eye of even the busiest and hard-to-engage audiences. (Everyone has to use the bathroom, right?)
  • As people approach to wash their hands (again!), they cannot avoid seeing your full-screen content playing. From there, the mirror senses a person’s presence and minimises the content into the top left corner, making way for the mirror component for them to reflect on. Importantly, your content will keep playing within eye-sight and with full audio.
  • When they eventually step away, your content plays full screen to entertain the remaining audiences lining up to use the facilities.
  • Audio capabilities mean your brand can narrate the entire restroom experience and even drive those secret ‘cubicle-googlers’ directly to your site.
  • A golden opportunity to get up close and personal to consumers in a rare moment of rest, right before they buy.

Our restroom mirrors are in three eye-catching positions

The Gateway

Situated in the main entry, queuing and ‘last glance’ exit points

The Basin

Situated above/adjacent to the basin

The Blowdryer

Situated above/adjacent to the hand dryer