• Minimised on Approach
  • High Quality & Stylish
  • Captivated Audience
  • 10 Second Ad Slots
  • Fortnightly Cycle
  • Reporting
  • Time/Day Parting
  • High Dwell Time
  • Advanced Technology
  • Full-screen Content
  • One-to-one Intimate Format
  • Option of One or Multiple Ad Slots
  • Unmissable Interaction
  • Consecutive Placement
  • Real-time Content Updates
  • Flexible Content Format
  • Sound Activation

Our Interactive Digital Mirrors are of the highest quality and consist of a reflective mirrored digital display and an integrated sensor. The sensor allows for the minimisation of advertising content upon a person’s approach, so as to avoid interfering with the person’s normal mirror experience. Importantly though, when advertising is minimised, it is still playing within eye-site and any supporting audio can still be heard as normal. As the person steps back from an Interactive Digital Mirror, the advertising content returns to full-screen mode.

Extensive customer research has been undertaken whilst in market, with overwhelmingly positive feedback being received:

  • 94% of people noticed the Interactive Digital Mirrors,
  • 92% of people liked the Interactive Digital Mirrors,
  • 90% of people were impressed with the ‘Cutting Edge Technology’ and ‘minimisation feature’, with
  • 97% of people recalling the exact advertisement they were viewing, at the time of approaching the Interactive Digital Mirror.
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