It all comes down to emotion.

Nothing is more powerful than a story that triggers real, raw emotion.

It’s what cuts through the noise of daily life and drives people to change their behaviour and take action. The ability to make people squeal with laughter or bring them to tears is priceless.

Yet for many brands, moments of connection this powerful are fleeting, if non-existent.

That’s why we’ve created Living Image Media.

To provide brand new storytelling opportunities that combine the best bits
of Video and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH).

Why Living Image gives you a deeper connection

Traditional Out-of-Home is great for brand recognition but typically delivers a dwell time of 2 seconds at best. And how connected can you really get in just 2 seconds?

With Living Image Media you get up to 30 seconds to captivate customers with uninterrupted audio-enabled, full motion video.

The results speak for themselves

  • Increases sales: 90% of consumers say video directly impacts purchase behaviour

  • Drives people in-store: foot traffic increases 68% when mobile ads are combined with DOOH

  • Commands authority: bigger screen, bigger impact (and better connection)

  • Makes you more memorable: 95% of people retain information after watching a video (vs 10% static advert)

  • Makes your social $$ go further: 51.9% of marketers say video provides the best ROI

  • Builds trust: video in such an intimate environment humanises your brand and facilitates the crucial emotional connection

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